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  • Name: Ordinary air preheater

The air pre-heater is simply referred to as the air preheater, which is the flue gas in the flue of the boiler tail. The air before entering the boiler is preheated to the heating surface of a certain temperature through the internal heat exchange element. It is used to improve the heat exchange performance of the boiler and reduce energy consumption. At present, whether it is industrial boiler or power station boiler, the low temperature corrosion and ash blocking phenomenon of the light pipe air preheater generally affects the reliability and economy of the boiler unit, especially when burning high sulfur coal. . At present, air preheaters in thermal power plants in China account for 6%-8% of the overall investment of boilers. The annual cost of equipment replacement and shutdown of production due to low temperature corrosion and ash blocking accounts for about 4%-5% of operating costs. In addition, the loss caused by the shutdown and shutdown caused by this is even greater. Nowadays, many power plants frequently stop the furnace maintenance in order to avoid low temperature corrosion and clogging, and they will not hesitate to raise the exhaust temperature of the boiler. According to estimates, for every 10 °C increase in boiler exhaust gas temperature, the thermal efficiency of the boiler will drop by 0.5%-0.7%, resulting in a large amount of energy loss. Our company independently researches and develops the enamel tube air preheater, solves the above problems, and meets the project construction and power plant operation needs.

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