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The enamel tube is made of low-carbon steel pipe. The enamel is mixed with a new material resistant to high temperature, corrosion and wear. It is uniformly mixed according to a certain scientific formula, coated on the outer surface of the steel pipe, and then sintered at a high temperature to be unbroken and crack-free. , composite pipe with acid and alkali corrosion resistance, smoke resistance, high surface finish, low smoke flow resistance, and not easy to block ash. The advantages of Qiquan brand enamel tube in the industry: The current coating process on the market mainly includes electrostatic coating process and wet coating process. The electrostatic coating process mainly uses electrostatic ions to adsorb enamel powder on the steel pipe due to static electricity. The inherent limitations of the coating, the enamel tube enamel produced by the process is weak, the enamel is thin, and some manufacturers equipment will leave scratches on the surface of the enamel tube due to the immature technology, which seriously affects the corrosion resistance of the enamel tube. Sex and abrasion resistance. Our company adopts a relatively mature wet sputum process, and the pipe is always vertical and not deformed throughout the production process. Compared with electrostatic coating, the wet enamel has stronger adhesion to the enamel. The two-burning and two-burning process is adopted to fully guarantee the thickness and corrosion resistance of the enamel glaze. Porcelain glaze research and development: In 2016, our company cooperated with Donghua University Enamel Glass Research Institute (the only professional public enamel glass research institute in China) to jointly establish a high-performance enamel low-carbon energy-saving research center, and developed various environmental protection technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Enamel glaze formula (including high-performance enamel glaze for boilers for biomass power plants) and low-carbon energy-saving environmentally-friendly preparation process and equipment, and production and preparation, can be configured according to different boiler blasting enamel, to meet the needs of different users, to do Really tailored to improve the cost performance of the product. Production of energy: At present, coal, natural gas and electricity are mainly used as energy sources. The energy cost of coal is low, but the temperature and sintering speed are uncontrollable, which has a great influence on the quality of the enamel tube. The sulfide and charcoal generated during the combustion of coal will cause a certain degree of corrosion and damage to the enamel tube during firing; natural gas energy Although the temperature is controllable, the corrosion of enamel tubes by sulfides and carbides during natural gas combustion cannot be avoided.

After long-term investigation and combined with its own actual situation, our company uses electric energy, using a new type of enamel tube firing furnace, which includes: the body of the firing furnace, which is provided with electric heating wire on the inner wall of the body of the firing furnace, and includes Furnace, hanger, hook, hanger consists of outer ring and inner part, outer ring is circumferential shape, outer ring and internal fixed connection, hook on the outer ring, hook on the inside, hanger in the furnace At the center, the beneficial effect of the enamel hanging-type sintering furnace is that the produced enamel tube has a small deformation amount, which can greatly improve the straightness of the enamel tube, ensure the production quality of the enamel tube, electric power sintering, and make the temperature controllable and stable. Enhanced; and greatly improved production efficiency, saving time and effort. And no smoke is generated during the firing process, which fully guarantees the quality level of the enamel tube. Attentive service: The products produced by the manufacturing company have passed the quality audit of major boiler factories. Now they are qualified suppliers of Jiguo, Hangguo, Taishan Group and Zhengzhou Boiler Plant. The Group has been engaged in the power generation industry for nearly 30 years and is rich in Operation and maintenance experience, so choose us, can provide customers with more than just product services, more experience exchanges and platform sharing. Unlimited potential:

In order to further expand production, the manufacturing company and Shanghai Liangshi cooperated closely to invest in the new industrial enamel product research and development production project (key construction project in Jinan in 2017). The first phase of the project invested 320 million yuan, covering an area of ​​120 mu, with an annual planned scale. 50,000 tons of heat transfer element enamel tube, enamel corrugated board and 50,000 square meters of enamel board for architectural decoration. Within two years, 16 patents with independent intellectual property rights, including 6 invention patents, will be established, and professional master's workstations and test bases will be established.


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