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Porcelain Enamel Tube Explains the Function of Air Preheater in Boiler

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The use of air preheater reduces the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler and increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler; the use of high-temperature air combustion improves the combustion conditions and reduces the heat loss of incomplete combustion of fuel, thereby further improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler; moreover, after the use of hot air combustion, the temperature in the furnace rises and the radiation heat transfer strengthens, thus saving the evaporative heating surface, which is equivalent to cheap air. The heating surface of gas preheater replaces part of evaporative heating surface with higher price, which is very economical in boiler manufacturing.
The Function of Enamel Tube
1. Improve and intensify combustion. When hot air after preheater enters the furnace, the drying, ignition and combustion process of fuel are accelerated, and stable combustion is ensured. It plays an important role in improving and intensifying combustion.
2. Enhanced heat transfer can enhance the radiation heat transfer in the furnace because of the improvement and enhancement of combustion in the furnace and the increase of the hot air temperature entering the furnace.
3. Reduce the loss in the furnace, reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Because of the stable combustion in the furnace and the enhanced radiation heat exchange, the chemical incomplete combustion loss can be reduced.
4. Junker air preheater absorbs heat from flue gas, and then transfers heat to cold air through continuous rotating heat transfer elements consisting of special shaped metal plates.

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