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Knowledge about enamel

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I. What is enamel
Enamel is a kind of composite material, which is coated with one or more layers of enamel on the metal surface and combines them firmly by firing and physicochemical reaction. It used to be called enamel. It has inherent mechanical strength and processing properties of metals, as well as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, non-toxicity and decorative properties of coatings. Enamel originated from glass decorative metals. Ancient Egypt first appeared, followed by Greece. In the 6th century, European inlaid enamel, flower-picking enamel, relief enamel, transparent enamel and painting enamel came out one after another. In the 8th century, China began to develop enamel. By the end of the 14th century, enamel technology was becoming more and more mature. The products of Jingtai in the mid-15th century and Ming Dynasty were especially famous, so they were known as cloisonne. At the beginning of the 19th century, cast iron enamel was developed in Europe, which laid a foundation for enamel from handicraft to daily necessities. However, due to the backward casting technology at that time, the application of cast iron enamel was limited. In the mid-19th century, the development of various industries prompted the rise of steel plate enamel and opened a new era of modern enamel. From the end of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, the development of enamel industry was accelerated by the appearance of various enamels with different properties, the popularization and application of steel plates and other metal materials, and the continuous renewal of refractories, kilns and enameling technologies.
2. What kinds of enamel are there?
According to the material, enamel can be divided into two series: glass enamel and cast iron glass enamel. They have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, heat shock resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and no harmful elements to human body. They are ideal cooking utensils for family restaurants. It's your ideal choice. The enamel products produced in China's enamel industry include: daily enamel products (basins, cups, etc.); industrial enamel products (reaction tanks); sanitary ware enamel products (bathtubs, bathrooms, etc.); kitchen enamel products (sinks, cabinets, stoves, etc.); household enamel products (electric chafing dishes, beakers, heaters, electric water heaters enamel liners, etc.); architectural enamel Products (flat-panel enamel, enamel pipes); other enamel products (art enamel, hanging tray, medical utensils, health enamel products).
Enamel can be divided into art enamel, daily enamel, sanitary enamel, architectural enamel, industrial enamel, special enamel and so on. Enamel production mainly includes glaze preparation, body preparation, enameling, drying, firing, inspection and other processes. For artistic enamel, household enamel, sanitary enamel, architectural enamel, etc., in order to meet the needs of appearance decoration and use, it also needs to be decorated and assembled. Industrial enamel equipment needs to be tested before assembly.

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