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Founded in 1989, Qiquan Group is a comprehensive enterprise group that focuses on biomass combined heat and power generation and concurrently engages in power construction, environmental protection manufacturing, financial leasing and general aviation. It has 18 subordinate power generation companies distributed in six provinces and fourteen cities across the country, preliminary forming a development pattern of “8 power plants put into production, 4 power plants under construction and 6 contracted projects” with a total installed capacity of over 900,000 KW. With more than 3,000 employees and more than 150 patents, it has been awarded many national honorary titles such as “Biomass Energy Heating Demonstration Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise”, “Resource Comprehensive Utilization Enterprise” and “Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprise”.

Qiquan Group always adheres to the development concept of “innovation, green, environmental protection, science and technology, and people- benefit”. It has gradually developed into a new energy enterprise with the largest installed capacity of bio-power generation in Shandong Province and the third largest in the country. The installed capacity of operating biomass reaches 345 MW and straw consumption per year is 3.5 million tons, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 4.5 million tons (equivalent to 250 million trees) and indirectly increases farmers' income by nearly 1 billion Yuan (equivalent to solving the employment problem of 300,000 poor people).

Qiquan's original “four-in-one” distributed new energy solution, based on biomass new energy and supplemented by wind power, photovoltaics and geothermal energy, combines various clean energy sources to solve problems such as clean production and energy supply, modern life and energy consumption. Over the years, the company has been focusing on the technology forefront of the world, established a new energy joint laboratory with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to cooperate in the field of new energy intelligent micro-grid, and performed in-depth communication and cooperation with CTCI in waste-to-energy, operation management and overseas expansion.

The company always adheres to the enterprise philosophy of “Doing a company without forgetting the public welfare, creating benefits without ignoring the livelihood benefits”. The heating of residents in Pingyin County has created a record of no price increase (17 Yuan per square meter) for 23 consecutive years. The company actively participated in charitable public welfare undertakings and invested in the reconstruction of Pingyin General Hope Primary School, Rural Nursing Home, Dacheng Painting and Calligraphy Institute, etc. The social image of “Civilized Qiquan and harmonious Qiquan” has been widely praised by all walks of life.

Guided by the business philosophy of “Prioritized power-generation, moderate diversity”, the company has established Qiquan Electric Power Design Institute and Zhongqi Electric Construction Corporation. It has a construction company, an installation company and a manufacturing company, forming the management mode of design, development, construction and operation and thus being called a benchmarking and model in the field of construction speed, engineering quality, team building, operation management and so on. In addition, the company preliminary involved in emerging industries such as financial leasing and general aviation with two Class A general aviation airports to actively occupy new opportunities for China's low-altitude opening.

For the blue sky and the green dream, Qiquan people are full of enthusiasm, actively develop clean energy and renewable energy, striving for the grand goal of "Double Hundred Qiquan Dream". Qiquan people's green career will surely be better.

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