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Talent team
The common goal and pursuit have attracted many people with lofty ideals to join us. The manufacturing company has established an excellent team full of innovation spirit and down-to-earth, which has provided a strong impetus for the rapid development of the manufacturing company.
The company has set up a professional product research and development center, and established a master's workstation and test base for enamel majors to promote the company's technological innovation and product development process. Attracted and trained a group of experienced and outstanding R&D personnel, and created a multi-level and high-efficiency R&D echelon composed of senior professors, doctors, master's degree and professional and technical personnel. It specializes in enamel pipe and air preheater, boiler steel frame, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, high-efficiency insulation pipeline anticorrosion and boiler maintenance.
The company has gathered a professional management team engaged in manufacturing management for many years, with rich project experience and outstanding service capabilities, providing users with comprehensive and high-quality technical solutions. The company has always adhered to market and user demand-oriented, based on a sound management system and quality assurance system. Through the integration of its own resources, with the help of social and University forces, the company comprehensively promotes the development, manufacturing and security capabilities.
The company now has a professional engineering team which integrates management, construction, commissioning and operation of air preheater, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, boiler steel frame production and installation. It can provide all-round and high-quality services such as feasibility study, scheme demonstration, engineering design, construction, commissioning and acceptance, business training, etc.

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